CC Aoustin

Breathless - AOUSTIN, Caroline

About The Artist

“Art. What is it?

Beauty. Part of the self. Communication. Inspiration. Nothing. The World. Which is it?

I believe it’s all of the above and more. Most often, I pick up a roller or a sponge, and begin dipping into the colors and splashing water around. Or I begin snipping away at morsels of canvas, figuring out where the blade takes me. It’s a sense of freedom, but also fear of what it will become, my white fibred slate. When I connect with nature, my vision is sharp. Mountains and the sea are my connections of preference. As humans, we need to feel grounded to this Earth. The sand between your toes. The rustling of the treetops. The cracking of sticks under your feet. A whiff of the sea air. It’s a need begged by every cell in our body. It’s unnatural NOT to do so. I am very primitive in that way, because you see a bit of nature in every piece of my art, from the seemingly literal to the most obscure.

I also do not shy away from light nor darkness. For each possesses an important element that holds my art together. The dimmest work springs from a place of gratitude and comfort, because I am a joyful person. So it amuses me when someone assumes the contrary. The same can be said for my brightest pieces, when they are perceived so literally. Unbeknownst to the observer, they often are a ruse for something far more grave. It’s always easier looking at something pretty than being comfortable with the least favorable elements in our society. I enjoy seeing what emotions are provoked much more than what drove me to create it. Perhaps, it’s my therapeutic training peaking my interest in an observer’s response. I look for the echo of my intent, which sometimes is not even that clear to me, until a piece is finished. A career in art therapy almost sabotaged my self as an artist. The remedy was moving away from my origins, allowing my own self to live somewhere no one knew my name. I suppose it makes perfect sense then, a beginning in the shade moving towards the light. Visually, you can see the stark transition. The counter balance always beneath it. It’s like a riddle, you just need to figure it out.”

Caroline Aoustin is a native New Yorker, growing up in a melting pot of cultures in and out of her home. She has a BA from Queens College, in psychology and Fine Arts. She attended New York University’s Masters in Art Therapy Program. Caroline has exhibited her art in NYC & Paris. And now happily living the French dream, she didn’t even know she had!