Our Mission

Partout is a newly formed collective of artists from across the globe, living, creating, and exhibiting in and around Paris.

Partout was created in the Spring of 2020. The group was created online to bring together artists in and around Paris during the pandemic. Partout consists of 8 artists from varying backgrounds and different countries across the world who have made their homes in France. The collective offers a rich variety of experience and artistic practice. It serves as a platform for supporting each other professionally, promoting and exhibiting our work together and as a source of ideas and inspiration. 

“Partout came into being almost by accident when I posted a question about exhibition opportunities in a Facebook page for international artists in Paris that I had set up. The answer came back, ‘organise it yourself’, which wasn’t really what I was hoping to hear! But, before I knew it, several enthusiastic members were asking to join in and offering help, a zoom meeting was organized and Partout came into being. A far better result than anything I’d imagined.” — Lara Broecke, one of the founding members.

The Partout artists are: Caroline Aoustin, Lara Broecke, Priscilla Cinquin, Anna Gillis, Jane Rhyu, Linda Steele, and Alex Steele-Mortimer.

Each artist in Partout has been drawn to France for different reasons but they share a love and appreciation for the rich history of art in this country, the wealth of inspiration, and the French appreciation of the arts. Partout presents a varied and interesting range of artistic styles and practices from photography, digital art and abstract painting to egg tempera painting and performance art. The collective is currently organizing a group exhibition to take place later in 2021, and in the meantime is planning art events as well as developing its online profile through Instagram and Facebook.