Lara Broecke

Harvest Mouse

About The Artist

“A British artist with professional roots in the conservation of paintings, I bring the meticulousness necessary to that profession to my work. For me, craftsmanship and quality of materials are paramount: I aim to create not just an exquisite image, but also an exquisite object. Using medieval techniques – pigments hand-ground in egg yolk tempera and gold leaf on wooden panels – I hope to bring the wonder in the face of nature, the mysticism and the spirituality characteristic of that period to the contemporary viewer. Heavily influenced by the middle ages, my paintings are often celebrations of the variety of the natural world but also address man’s relationship to nature and place within it. Using tenderness, intimacy and sometimes a light humour, I awaken viewers’ emotions and engage them with their environment, encouraging a sense of love and care but also, in my recent work, a certain guilt.

I have a masters degree in the history of art from Oxford University and qualifications in the conservation of paintings from Cambridge University and Paris 1 (Sorbonne). My reconstructions of historical paintings have appeared in exhibitions at the National Gallery, London and the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge and are in the permanent collection of the Catholic Chaplaincy, Cambridge. I have provided educational videos to the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and the Getty Conservation Center, Los Angeles.”