Cosmic Collision

About The Artist

Priscilla is a native Texan with a Master’s of Arts in Advertising degree from The University of Texas at Austin. Prior to moving to France, she lived in Berkeley, California where she escaped the world of advertising promptly dove into making art full time, and has never looked back. 

Through a balance of spontaneous energy and a series of meticulous gestures, she creates work that is rooted in her intimate, dreamlike experiences and sensibilities with color and sound. Her freeform, unconstrained line drawings and layering are the notes that make each composition. 

In short, her art practice is a visual love language where colors have replaced letters, texture is reserved for punctuation, and layers are where sound can be heard.  In this search, she is constantly adding new techniques, tools, and mediums to her repertoire being permanently inspired by her environment, life experiences, and the future.