Linda Steele


About The Artist

Originally from Scotland and having lived in England, Dubai and France. I enjoy depicting animals, landscapes or patterns influenced by my extensive travels. I love to experiment with different mediums although have a keen preference for Acrylic on Canvas and Photography. My work is all about colour as I create bold pieces and really explore contrast, textures and blending in the world as I see it. I’ve recently started to incorporate movement into my Acrylic Paintings as well, which has been really interesting to explore.

I have an extensive creative background that has heavily influence my style and methods of expression. I studied Education and Performing Arts at Bath Spa University. I am an ex early years teacher and I still very much enjoy passing on my passion to children through art workshops introducing children to the arts. I’ve also organised and been part of a number of street art festivals in UK and Dubai as well as worked as a set and costume designer for the several theatre productions. Alongside all of this I am also a Published Author and Illustrator of 2 children’s books as well as an accomplished Family and Event Photographer published in various magazines and media across Europe and Asia.